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Measuring The Online Success Of Your Business

Our Online Snapshot Report is award-winning marketing needs assessment report that provides BlueWing with automated insights into a business’s online marketing performance. This report is based on real-time internet data, generated by our award-winning marketing technology system. We use the Online Audit Report to understand where you need the most help and how we can help you with any issues you may have.

Please fill in all the information requested in the Audit Form below as accurately and comprehensively as possible. If done so, then not only can we search for your online marketing status , but also for your 3 main competitors’ information. This is used to see how you perform within your industry. 

The Overall Audit Score

The Overall Score indicates how well your digital marketing is performing within their industry. There’s no pass/fail here — although your business should strive to be as close to 100% as possible. Each grade is calculated using a percentile grading system, comparing your business to other businesses within your industry.

What our Online Snapshot Report Reveals


You must have an online presence with as many accurate listings as possible. Local businesses need accurate listings on many directories to ensure that customers can find them online.


You must have online reviews to establish trust and credibility. Local businesses must continually collect fresh reviews and strive for 5-star ratings. BlueWing helps you to make a great first impression.

Social Marketing

We grow your fan base and turn online leads into customers through social channels. Every day, millions of consumers around the world declare their buying intentions on social media. We post in the correct way, so as to keep your followers engaged and build brand loyalty.

Digital Advertising

Where digital advertising is indicated, we put your business in front of targeted audiences in search results, social media feeds, and other relevant sites around the web. By making sure that customers can find your business online, we will empower you to grow your business.

Local & Website SEO

BlueWing improves a website’s ranking in organic (unpaid) search results on Google. Our goal with SEO is to rank on the first page for the right keyword search phrases. With 81% of consumers performing an online search before making a purchase decision, every business needs to invest in SEO!


Your prospect’s website loading speed is critical. The Audit Report leverages Google PageSpeed Insights to assess whether your website speed meets Google’s expectations on mobile and desktop. The report then displays actual recommendations for issues to fix.


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