Grow Your Local Business by Attracting New Customers

We specialize in digital marketing for local businesses in Greater Johannesburg. We attract potential customers to your local business, convert them into loyal customers, and then our Team of Marketing Experts help your sales to grow.

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Our Solutions Grow Both New and Established Local Businesses

Why BlueWing Solutions Really Work

Our experts get you the best results

BlueWing are specialists in affordable digital marketing - using your customers' Mobile Phones. Each business and each product or service in GreaterJohannesburg is a different challenge, but we have the knowledge and experience to deal with these for you

" Google My Business is *supposed* to be easy but can easily frustrate even the most experienced SEO professional or small business owner." -  Joy  Hawkins

We treat every business individually

We are passionate about helping local businesses survive our current tough economic times in South Africa - and we like our clients to be passionate about their businesses as well. This makes for a great synergy.

"It makes little sense to participate on any social media channel, regardless of its strategic benefit, if you do it grudgingly.  ... But enthusiasm and energy are infectious. So is any effort that sets out to create meaning." -  Jane Friedman 

Our marketing strategies are based on Google Marketing Data

BlueWIng believes that Marketing strategies must be driven by data obtained from customer behaviour.  We use Google data from your own business to plan future actions. 

"GMB insights are incredibly important for local businesses. ...... However, interpretation of GMB insights can prove tricky and it’s important that businesses don’t expect parity between GMB Insights and other Google data that’s available to them” -  Claire Carlile 

Affordable Digital Marketing for local Johannesburg Business

BlueWing - Keeping Abreast of Modern Trends

BlueWing Local Marketing is a small, modern digital marketing company. We care for local businesses in Johannesburg by providing Solutions for them to use in tough economies, like ours in South Africa today.

Our clients come from local, neighbourhood businesses, who either cannot afford the fees demanded by traditional, large Agencies,  don't have the knowledge to do this themselves, or don't have the time to do the marketing themselves. 

Dr Peter Thompson - qualified to take BlueWing into the Future

Dr Peter Thompson is the owner and founder of BlueWing Local Marketing. He comes from a research orientated background with multiple internationall scientific publications to his name. His time with multinational companies saw him travel extensively throughout Africa, where he engaged many small business owners, and for whom he gained a profound respect. 

Now a Google Authorised Verifier and a Google Trusted Street View Photographer with a Google  Digital  Marketing qualification, Peter has turned his talents to helping local businesses effecively grow their own businesses in an affordable manner.

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