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We Grow Local Businesses by Attracting New Customers

Massive Growth in Searches for New Businesses


In only 6 months after being verified for Google My Business and placed on the BlueWing GROW Solution for the first time

  • a new local suburban cinema grew from  0  to 6 254 searches on Google
  • A local country guest house grew from  0  to 2 136 searches on Google

Established Local Businesses still get discovered by New Customers


For 3 local businesses that started with the BlueWing GROW Solution and now having over 7,000 searches in one month,  88% of these searches were "Discovery Searches" still coming from potential customers.

"A Discovery Search occurs when search users have typed in something generic such as ‘plumber near me’ or ‘convenience store open now’ and your business listing has appeared in the local search results "- Jamie Pitman

Our Specialists Manage Your Marketing for You


1. You need an expert for best results

BlueWing are specialists in affordable Local Search Marketing - using your customers' Mobile Phones.  Each business and each product or service is a different challenge, but we have the knowledge and experience to navigate these for you

" Google My Business is *supposed* to be easy but can easily frustrate even the most experienced SEO professional or small business owner." -  Joy  Hawkins

2. We are passionate about YOUR Local Business success

We are passionate about helping local businesses survive our current tough economic times in South Africa - and we like our clients to be passionate about their businesses as well. This makes for a great synergy.

"It makes little sense to participate on any social media channel, regardless of its strategic benefit, if you do it grudgingly.  ... But enthusiasm and energy are infectious. So is any effort that sets out to create meaning." -  Jane Friedman 

3. Our marketing strategies are based on Google data and Mobile Phones

BlueWIng believes that Marketing strategies must be driven by data obtained from customer behaviour.  We use Google data from your own business to plan future actions. 

"GMB insights are incredibly important for local businesses. ...... However, interpretation of GMB insights can prove tricky and it’s important that businesses don’t expect parity between GMB Insights and other Google data that’s available to them” -  Claire Carlile 

BlueWing Blogs for Local Business Owners

About Us

Dr Peter Thompson


Dr Peter Thompson is the owner and founder of BlueWing Local Marketing. Coming from an Insect Biochemistry and multinational company background, he is now a Google Authorised Verifier, and a Google Trusted Street View Photographer with a Google Approved VR Ready  360  degree camera. 

He also has a Google Digital  Marketing Certificate and has specialised in  Local Search Marketing and Virtual Tours for the past 10 years.

BlueWing Local Marketing


BlueWing Local Marketing is a small, modern digital marketing company. We are passionate about making digital marketing affordable to local businesses in tough economies, like ours in South Africa.

Our clients come from local, neighbourhood businesses, who either cannot afford the fees demanded by traditional, large Agencies,  don't have the knowledge to do this themselves, or don't have the time to do the marketing themselves.

Our Philosophy


No company is an island. It lives in a sea of consumers who are completely digitally savvy.  As the waves of innovation continue to arrive, it would be arrogant of  anyone or any company to claim that they are fully aware of every trend  or turning in the road ahead.

This is why we want you to contact us with any ideas you may  have,  suggestions you wish to make  or even constructive criticisms you wish air.  We are willing to change and move ahead as  innovation grows. This is what we love doing, and what we'll continue to do for you and your business.

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