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Imagine struggling to attract clients who are invisible online, despite offering sparkling clean windows. That was the reality for one client before BlueWing stepped in. They weren’t even on Google Maps, let alone ranking for local searches.

We saw potential – an opportunity to make them shine. Through meticulous local SEO and Google Business Profile optimization, as well as vigilant reputation management, we transformed their online presence. Now, a quick search for “cleaning business near Midrand” lands them proudly at the top spot on Google Maps!

No fancy social media tactics, just pure, strategic local SEO mastery. At BlueWing, we challenge the status quo. While social media has its place, we’re laser-focused on mastering the most impactful strategies for driving local visibility and success for our clients.


Let us illuminate your business, just like we did for this window-cleaning business. Contact BlueWing today and watch your local ranking soar!


We help local customers find your coffee shop
Stewart Elrick
Stewart ElrickOwner, Blue Storm Pools
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“BlueWing is incredible. Of the 30 plus calls a day we get….28 come from Google. In these hard Covid times we have more work than we know what to do with. Thank you, Peter, for creating this new problem.”
Mandi Fuller
Mandi FullerOwner, Prosolar / Pool Menders
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“Peter is incredibly knowledgeable and very helpful - he is a much needed “tool” for one’s business.”
Vanessa Bolgann
Vanessa BolgannOwner, Think Aspects
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“A HUGE thanks to Peter Thompson for sorting Think Aspects’ posting issue on Google My Business! It is reassuring dealing with a professionals like Peter.”
Maria Gerondoudis
Maria GerondoudisOwner
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"BlueWing literally put my business on the map - the GoogleMap. Super professional, they came and took a 360o view of the premises and a great street view. It was uploaded and working in no time. They are also always available for questions and issues. Thank you for a great SEO and local marketing service."
Peter Flemmer
Peter FlemmerOwner
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"Absolutely essential for business owners who want to attract local customers. Bluewing provides an effective and professional service."
Chantelle Farrell
Chantelle FarrellOwner
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"Always ready and available to help. Starting a new business? I definitely recommend BlueWing!"

The Customer Journey

"The customer journey is not a linear process; it's a cyclical one. Customers can move back and forth between stages at any time." - Brian Lawley

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Analysing your marketing data is one of our most important tasks

The Ideal Customer Journey: We Make It Happen

Imagine this: Someone in your town needs what you offer. They search online, maybe see your social media post, or hear about you from a friend. They check out your website, like what they see, and decide to visit or call. They have a great experience and become a loyal customer, even recommending you to others!  That’s the power of the customer journey. At BlueWing, we understand exactly how locals find and choose businesses. We have the tools and expertise to guide them straight to you, every step of the way. And the best part? We help you turn those happy customers into your biggest advocates!

We have 5 questions you need to ask yourself!

Are people aware you exist?


We manage and create online awareness of your local business and brand to improve customer acquisition and retention.

Can people find you on Google?


We create and optimize your Google Business Profile on Maps and Search and add you to at least 50 listings to enhance your visibility.

Do people trust you and your products?


Managing, creating and replying to your customer reviews is important for making customers choose you for your honesty and credibility.

Do visitors to your website convert into buyers?


You must have a unique, responsive website that attracts and retains local visitors, so as to turn them into loyal customers.

Do your customers advocate the use of your services?


A client-centered marketing experience will ensure that your customers recommend you to other people in the neighbourhood.


Do you use data for decision making?

We make shop owners happy

Your Customers Leave Digital Footprints. We Follow Them.

In today’s world, data is the key to successful marketing. Without it, you’re left guessing about your audience. Digital data reveals customer behaviors and preferences, empowering us to create targeted campaigns that truly resonate.

That’s where BlueWing excels. We leverage data to drive your marketing results. Whether it’s analyzing local search trends or website analytics, we use this information to build strategies that deliver on your business goals.

BlueWing understands the needs of local businesses. Our sophisticated tools provide a deep understanding of your market, allowing us to tailor your messaging and make smart budget decisions. 

Let BlueWing unlock the power of data to boost your local marketing success.

We creare the reports necessary to manage your business - you get them too!

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