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The BlueWing 3 Step Solution

Step 1: We attract potential customers by using their own Mobile Phones


We make your business visible on the mobile phone of every person in your locality. All a potential customer needs to do is to take their phone out of their pocket, search on Google for your product or service and they'll find you - they don't even have to know your business name. 


They can then read the story of your business, read other customers' reviews, and then navigate directly to your front doors.

Step 2: We create new customers from potential customers


As soon as an interested person has entered through  your business doors, it is up to you to give them a memorable experience and ensure that they make their first purchase, In this way you will convert them to new customers.

And happy customers who leave good reviews for you, will increase the confidence of more potential customers from Johannesburg  to visit you. In this way you'll  continue to get more customers and grow your local business even more quickly.

Step 3: We turn new customers into loyal customers


Once you have new customers,  it's cheaper to keep them that to find new ones.  Our online customer retention system, based on local search marketing networked with Social Media, turns them into loyal clients who will return with their friends, and create more customers for you.. 

And all that you need to do is to run your business with the passion that led you to start it in the first place.



Attract New Customers to Your Local Business


Grow Your Local Business with BlueWing

We Need YOU to Help us Grow YOUR Business

There is certain information that only you can obtain for us


These are essential to increasing your visibility and credibility and to grow your business. All reviews must be from genuine, happy customers, We can show you how to go about obtaining reviews, but we cannot actually obtain them for you.

Your own Photo's and Video's 

You can purchase these from us, or you may provide us with your own. We will upload them for you - provided that they are (in our opinion) good enough to appear on your Listing.


We'll write the Posts, but you know your business better than we do. Send us  information about news, events, personalities in your Business - we will then be able to use our seo services and post something that's of real interest to potential and existing clients

We need your energy and enthusiasm for your business

 "It makes little sense to participate on any social media channel, regardless of its strategic benefit, if you do it grudgingly. That sucks all the potential creative joy out of it. People will move a few steps away from you. But enthusiasm and energy are infectious. So is any effort that sets out to create meaning." - Jane Friedman 


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Why you should have your business verified by Google

  • If it is not,  the public can load information onto your  public Profile, and you can't remove it?
  • Your business may be in the incorrect location  and people are not able to find you
  • Someone could pose as a representative of your business without you knowing it
  • You cannot use your Profile for any marketing purposes