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 BlueWing Local Marketing

Grow With Confidence into the Future

“Are you still chasing customers? Mend your marketing and they’ll come looking for you” – Peter Thompson

Independently Owned Local Businesses

BlueWing creates marketing strategies for independently owned local businesses. We prepare software packages that are resilient to future, often unpredictable, changes in the economic or political environment.

 Because BlueWing focusses on local business marketing, this means that you don’t have to compete against national brands and spend a fortune to beat them in the marketplace.

Online Presence Audit

We don’t start creating a strategy for you until we know what your current online presence looks like. We only work for the facts generated by our award-winning Snapshot Tool.

This tells us what needs to be fixed and what meets requirements. We don’t fix what doesn’t need fixing – so we save you money; and we do this wherever we can.

We start you off on your journey to resilience and successful growth for your local business – in difficult economic times


To obtain your FREE ONLINE AUDIT,  fill in our form here  on the right, giving all the required  details . We will send your report to you within 48 hours. You can then  schedule a 1/2 discussion with us, using the link at the bottom of the page. Should you wish to Start with our FREE 30 Day MARKETING TRIAL or a PERSONALIZED marketing program, we will book you in for your FREE 1 hour of 1 to 1 PERSONAL TRAINING

Note: terms and conditions do apply – contact us for details.

5 Steps In The Customer Buying Journey Mean That There Are

5 Key Questions To Ask Yourself

Growing your business today and having it fail tomorrow is a useless exercise – especially if you don’t know the reasons for this. Today, growing your business means that you need to future-proof it and make it resilient to change. Otherwise, you risk succumbing to unpredictable events such as Covid-1 and the Ukraine War. We select from one or more of these software solutions to create a resilient local business. We also offer individual products according to specific business needs.

Brand Awareness

1. Do they know your business exists?

Building powerful brand awareness helps to ensure that your customers will choose your products/services over competitors and recommend your brand to friends and family.

Local SEO

2.  Can they find your business?

Essential for getting your local business found on Google page 1, and to keep you there as circumstances change around you. We have many years of experience in this discipline.

Reputation Management

3. Do they trust you? Are you credible?

We display your  reviews from other customers to your prospects so that they choose you above your competitors.

Conversion Management

4. Do they interact with your website?

Nothing makes or breaks a sale like a website. You deserve a website you can be proud of. We build and maintain websites made to convert.

Advocacy Management

5. Do they become loyal customers?

Does their post-purchase experience meet or hopefully exceed their expectations? This will ensure that they choose you above your competitors.

Our Market Store

We have all the Solutions our Online Audit Report recommends you should have to Future-proof your business.

Select the package, product or service from the BlueWing Store that the BlueWing Online Audit suggests you use. This is done firstly by clicking on the category and then on the item in which you are interested. By clicking on the item, you will obtain a wealth of information on it.

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