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BlueWing Local Marketing

Resilient Marketing

To Future-Proof Your Business

“Resilient: Able to withdraw or recover quickly from difficult conditions”

“Are you still chasing customers? Mend your marketing and they’ll come looking for you”

 Guiding Customers To Your Doors

These BlueWing “Signposts” show your customers the way to go when they first start thinking of buying your product or service until they end up at your website or business doors to buy what they have been looking for – from you.

The BlueWing Selection of Digital Solutions

Our Solutions Can Help You Solve Almost Any Marketing Problem

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We have an extensive range of products and services – from the original providers. These suppliers are all on hand to provide highly experienced professional advice on the use of their products, where needed.

The expertise of BlueWing is to combine these products and services into effective packages that run on our marketing technology (MARTECH) platform. There are both ready made and custom designed packages that have been specifically designed for your own business, using our Online Snapshot Tool. If you sign up with us after we have used the Snapshot Tool for you then we do not charge for its use.

NOTE: We do sell both packages and single products as well as services. 
















BlueWing – at the forefront of modern marketing



















Frequently Asked Questions

What is modern marketing or MarTech?
MARTECH is simply a term used as a shortening for marketing technology. It is a general term when technology is used to assist marketing teams in their work.

The technology is mostly used in the sphere of digital marketing. Technology is playing an increasingly big role in marketing. The marketing landscape continues to shift because MarTech is becoming more sophisticated, enabling brands to better keep up with the ever-evolving—and fragmented—customer journeys.

Marketing technology is essential to the future of modern marketing..

Do you only work with registered businesses?
Yes, we only work with official, registered companies that have been in business for more than a year. However, turnover is not the main issue here because we work with small businesses to future proof their businesses and make them sustainable now and in the future.

Do you offer Consulting Services?
Yes we do, charged at an hourly rate. We will even help you start up your own digital marketing business, using our own digital marketing products on our technology platform – with your own company name!

Can we use your automated platform to do our own marketing?
We have three options:
1) We do everything for you – to save you time, effort and money.
2) We do it with you – we work together with you, our client to obtain great results
3) Do-It-Yourself. This option is only for experienced marketers as judged by BlueWing. This is because we provide the Business Owner or his team with the tools, software and all the features of the Customer Business Centre, to plan and implement his/her own marketing

Do you use original products or create your own?
Over 95% of the products we have available come from the original suppliers. We are not in the business of creating software. We do combine software into packages for our Toolkits that generally cover the whole of the Customer Journey.

Can I start my own business using your platform and software?
Yes, you can, Most of our products are “white label”. This means that you can place your own names and labels on our software and services. You are in full control of your own marketing strategy and pricing. This is ideal for people who have just left school wish to start up their own businesses. Contact us for more detail


Please contact us – we’d love to hear from you. You can either send us a message or schedule an appointment with us.

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