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“If You Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Improve It.”

Peter Druker


BlueWing Continually Measures All Your Digital Marketing To Keep You Growing Through Challenging Times


About BlueWing

Faster, Smarter Marketing

The Covid-19 pandemic was not the first test of business resilience, and the Ukraine crisis will not be the last. BlueWing prepares your business for unpredictable changes in our economic environment in the future using resilient marketing backed by marketing technology.

BlueWing gathers plenty of internet data to aid with decision making. Our modern system helps you to future-proof your business so that it thrives and remains resilient to changes – even those that we may not be able to predict right now.

6 Important Questions About Your Online Performance

Growing your business today and having it fail tomorrow is a useless exercise – especially if you don’t know the reasons for this. Today, growing your business means that you need to future-proof it and make it resilient to change. Otherwise, you risk succumbing to unpredictable events such as Covid-1 and the Ukraine War. You need to ask yourself these 6 questions about your online presence.

1. Do people know I exist?

Solution: Social Media/Digital Advertising

Building powerful brand awareness helps to ensure that your customers will choose your products/services over competitors and recommend your brand to friends and family.

2. Can people find my business?

Solution: Listings/Google Business Profile

Accurate listings ensure that customers
can find and contact a business. Incorrect listings lead to unhappy and frustrated customers.  Essential for getting your local business found on
Google page 1.  

3. Do people trust me?

Solution: Reputation Management

We display your  reviews from other customers to your prospects so that they choose you above your competitors.

4. Are prospects converted into customers?

Solution: Website design

Nothing makes or breaks a sale like a website. You deserve a website you can be proud of. We build and maintain websites made to convert.

5. Can people find me on Google?

Solution: SEO Organic/Paid 

Potential customers are searching online for the products or services that your business offers. With SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you can boost your visibility in those search results so that people and you before your competitors.

6. Can people buy from me online?

Solution: Ecommerce

More businesses than ever before are selling products and services online. Consumers see an online store as a sign of a reputable, established business

How Does Your Own Business Rate For Resilience?

Don’t Know?    We’ll Measure It For You!

The BlueWing Online Audit Report

The Online Audit Report is award-winning marketing needs assessment or auditing report that provides automated insights into your business’s online marketing performance. This report shows you your actual scores in the questions asked above. This technology helps analysis, measurement and monitoring that is crucial to success.

And it tells you how to fix your online problems!

These reports help you to understand where you need the most help and how BlueWing can help you! 

 3 Easy Steps To Join BlueWing And Secure A Future For Your Business


We run an Online Audit Report on your Business to obtain the facts about your online presence.

With our award-winning Report, we obtain a clear idea of what your good and bad issues are and how to future- proof your business.


We have a strategy discussion with you about your business

Here we discuss your business, expectations, budget and requirements. We then finalize your plan and email it to you within 5 days. When you join us, you obtain full access to all your internet stats on a 24/7 basis.



Step 3: CREATE

We send you our proposal designed specifically for your business

The Online Audit Report and our discussions, enables us to propose a marketing resilience strategy for your local business. Every proposal is created around your situation – there is no “one size fits all” with BlueWing.

Customer Success Stories

Absolutely essential for business owners who want to attract local customers. Bluewing provides effective and professional services.

Peter Flemmer

Owner, Wild Dog Strateies

A HUGE thanks to Peter Thompson for sorting Think Aspects’ posting issue on Google My Business! It is reassuring dealing with a professional like Peter.

Vanessa Bolgann

Director, Think Aspects

BlueWing is incredible. Of the 30 plus calls a day we get….28 come from Google. In these hard Covid times we have more work than we know what to do with. Thank you Peter for creating this new problem.

Stewart Elrick

Owner, BlueStorm Pools

Original Visual Content

Created specifically for your business


Examples of BlueWing’s 360 Degree Google Virtual Tours and Colin Horner’s Explainer Videos

Websites and Google: Peter Thompson is a highly experienced 360-degree Virtual Tour Photographer, having taken Virtual Tours in places such as The Kruger Park, Soweto, Gautrain, Montecasino and its Hotels, and many more.Real Estate: Peter is a Partner of – one of the largest companies producing original Virtual Tour software for Real Estate. One of the most innovative products we have is our integrated 360 + Zoom Tour – you can talk to the client while they control the tour! 

BlueWing has different sources of original visual content that can be prepared specifically for your local business, including Doodles and Explainer Videos by the well known Colin Horner. You can contact Colin directly on 

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