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When it comes to Digital Marketing, BlueWing starts with our unique ASI process – Analyse, Strategize and Implement. Every business is different regarding location, proximity to competitors, customer profile and products or services sold. We need to understand these before we can plan our way forward.

BlueWing does NOT follow the “One size fits all” approach.”

Digital Advertisement | Local Marketing Johannesburg, Pretoria & Sandton | SEO | Social Digital Advertisement | Media Optimisation | Local SEO | Google My Business
Digital Advertisement | Local Marketing Johannesburg, Pretoria & Sandton | SEO | Social Digital Advertisement | Media Optimisation | Local SEO | Google My Business

Do people know about you?

Paid Digital Advertising

We offer a fully-managed digital advertising service for local businesses. Our experts manage and create Social Media Advertising campaigns that will improve lead generation and revenue.

We use Ads for awareness over a larger area or for bringing your product to the local public. 

We include in-depth audience research to ensure you get the most for your advertising budget and no click goes to waste. 

Every ad is designed to make prospects aware of your business and convert them into customers.

We can also provide lead-generating landing pages to maximize your leads. 

We specialize in Facebook, Instagram & Google Ads, but we can also manage your Twitter and LinkedIn ads.

Can people find you easily?

Local Search Engine Optimisation

Local businesses must ensure that people can find them online. We create an optimized Google Business Profile and at least 50 local and international directory listings for your business.

Ensure your business shows up first when someone looks for your products online. With a Google My Business account plus your presence on many local directories, you have taken a step in the right direction! 

We also manage your account for you, posting updates, managing your reviews and communicating with your clients, so you can get on with more important stuff. 

Having your brand appear on all the local directories will ensure you take control of your brand name online, and you are the first thing people see when looking for your brand.

Do people trust your brand?

Reputation Management

Before visiting a business, 91% of people read customer reviews. You need to have 4- and 5- star ratings to ensure they’ll visit you. And you need to reply to the reviews you receive to show you care about your business. We help you with the complete process of getting people to trust you.

From generating real online reviews to replying to them in a timely and professional fashion. Ensuring bad reviews are dealt with correctly and good reviews are seen first when your clients are researching your brand!

Reputation management also includes finding bad data about you online and correcting it or removing it where possible.

This way, your client will only find positive feedback about your company, product or brand.

Do your customers like you?

Social Media Management

Correct strategies and content posting make your followers aware of your business. 

Creative content is essential for a business to stand out and not drown in the millions of daily triggers your customer sees online. 

We create captivating, exciting and engaging content for your business on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Google & Twitter.

We can create the content, and you post it when you want, or we can do all the work for you so you can concentrate on what matters: Making and selling beautiful things! 

Even if you don’t have any social media accounts, we can create them for you, optimize them and start growing your customer base. 

Are you their first choice?

Search Engine Optimisation

Are you on the second page of Google? We can help you navigate this tricky process to get your website onto the first page and save you money on digital advertisement!

Search engines still account for a large portion of traffic, so you will increase leads and conversions if you can rank your website high in search engine results.

SEO constantly evolves as search engines update their algorithms. Contrary to popular belief, SEO is not just about keywords. For instance, Google uses more than 200 factors to rank your website. For high-ranking results, your SEO efforts need to be ongoing and comprehensive. At BlueWing Marketing, we nail all these factors to bring your business to the top.

Will they convert?

Website Management

Do you have a website? Is yours outdated? More than 80% of people view websites on mobile devices versus desktop computers.

Our website developers ensure that your site is attractive to viewers. And that it is responsive, fast, secure and reliable.

We offer unique web design on super fast and reliable hosting to give your website the best chance of ranking high in the search engines. 

Our web design includes catching call-to-action buttons to make sure your visitor will convert into a paying customer. 

Showcase your brand’s uniqueness through your digital presence. Under the hood, we will create powerful technology to drive traffic and propel your business forward.

Does your client think you're interesting?

Design & Photography with a twist

Make sure your brand stands out from the crowd with up-to-date captivating designs & photography.

At BlueWing, we create engaging & interactive virtual tours of your business. Let your client walk through your store virtually and make a purchase connected to your online shop! 

Being a Google Trusted Partner, we can add your virtual tour to Google Maps and search. 

Our designs for business cards, flyers and social media posts are unique and captivating, bringing to light the uniqueness of your brand or products. 

We work with an international designer that can bring sparkle to any design! 

Do you know who your client is?

Reporting & Analytics Overviews

One of the essential aspects of digital advertising & marketing is knowing who your audience is both online and offline. 

We create interesting reports and analytics on your customer, where they are from, how they behave and most importantly, how we can convert them into real-time buyers. 

Using the latest technology in audience analytics, we can delve deep into the demographic that is your customer. 

Armed with this information, we can “retarget” your customer when they are browsing online, reminding them of your products and services. 

We create lead-generating landing pages to capture their data and convert them into buyers. 

Do your visitors get the right message?

Client Retention & Update Management

Making sure you keep your client is often harder than getting a new one! We help retain your existing clients through interesting remarketing techniques. 

We will build your client portfolio and create captivating and unique email marketing campaigns to remind your existing clients of how great you are. 

We will think with you about coupons and attractive offers to keep your clients returning time and again. 

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