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Resilient Marketing for

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Peter recognized early on that Covid-19 had changed Digital marketing forever. He realized that local businesses needed professional marketing products. But he needed to deliver these to them in a simple yet effective way. Marketing technology (Martech) could deliver this solution. Now BlueWing uses this modern marketing approach to future-proof his client’s businesses. This helps to make them resilient to sudden changes in politics and the economy. It also enables them to beat their competitors who have not made these essential changes.

If you are still using the same old approach as you did before Covid-19, you had better not wait until it is too late. Take action now and ensure your business is resilient to future unpredictable economic changes!


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Full Service Digital Marketing

We offer Toolkits for different business types. These contain all the software required to guide a prospect to your business and buy from you. We also offer over 100 separate marketing products for sale to Marketing Agencies

Local Business Marketing

Getting found on Google Maps is important for your business growth. If a customer can’t find you – then for him/her you don’t exist. We get you onto page 1 of the Google Maps and Search results for local businesses.

Lead Generation

If you cannot generate new leads, your business could die. Our marketing technology system enables us to generate leads for you. And these leads are specific to your own business. Even in the bad times.

We specialize in the marketing of independent local businesses

We help them to thrive when economic times are tough by providing them with smart solutions, These are delivered through our MarTech system. Our key focus is on businesses in children’s education and activities, health and wellness, and restaurants. Special requests will be catered for as well.


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