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Dr Peter Thompson

CEO of Bluewing Local Marketing

Having lived in the Johannesburg region for most of my life, I know what it takes for a business to stand out from the crowd!

I am a specialist virtual tour photographer, and together with my team of marketing specialists, I can help your business to grow way ahead of your competition. 


I have over seven years of experience in specialist virtual tour photography. Some of my clients include  Picture Framing Fourways, Kruger National Park Stirling Pre-Schoool, CTF services and Hells Kitchen
My other skills include technical writing, product research and HTML5 coding. 
My creative mind helps the company and our team to deliver highly complex projects. 
I don’t just market a company; I research and get involved with the brand to know exactly what makes their customer tick. 
I use this knowledge to create unique and captivating designs, marketing strategies and online content with my Bluewing Local Marketing team. 

Dr. Peter Thompson

Bluewing specializes in Virtual Tour Photography, web design, and online marketing.

We have a team of creative people who have experience with Johannesburg clients. And so we are confident we can put your local business on the map!

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