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Using hi-tech digital marketing to keep your local businesses growing during tough economic times.

Digital Marketing Has Changed Forever

It’s Time To Change Your Digital Marketing Approach

 The Covid-19 pandemic changed digital marketing forever. In recognition of this, BlueWing Local introduced marketing technology to local companies. Now they don’t need to think about the recession as a negative. They can take on the challenge and see this as an opportunity to jump ahead of their competitors who are still undertaking marketing as though nothing had changed.

Use The Latest Marketing Methods To Grow

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it

”Bluewing has a modern online Snapshot Tool that measures and analyses six vital online metrics: listings, reviews, social media, websites, digital ads and searches. We can fix any issues that may need addressing and prepare local businesses for problems that they may have to face in the future.

Create Marketing Resilience To Withstand Economic Changes

Your present marketing plan must grow your business in the future. If it doesn’t, you’re simply wasting your money! Are you throwing money away? Ask yourself these questions:

1. Do people know my business exists?

Building brand awareness ensures that your customers will choose you over your competitors. They will recommend your brand above others.

2. Can people find my business location?

Accurate listings ensure that customers drive to your business location. Incorrect listings lead to the opposite. Accuracy is essential for getting your local business found on Google page 1.  

3. Do people trust me?

We collect display reviews from customers so that your prospects choose your products or services above those of your competitors.

4. Are my prospects converted into customers?

Nothing makes or breaks a sale like a website. You deserve a website you can be proud of. We build and maintain websites made to convert.

5. Can people find me with a Google Search?

Potential customers search online for products or services that you offer. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) boosts your visibility in search results so that people find you before your competitors.

6. Can people buy from my business online?

More businesses than ever before are selling products and services online. Consumers see an online store as a sign of a reputable, established business

How Good Is Your Current Marketing?

Ensure your marketing stimulates growth by measuring it with our award-winning Online Snapshot Tool. Our Tool measures the success of 6 key points of your online presence on an ongoing basis. We fix the problems we find and manage your marketing to ensure that there is resilience to adjust to economic challenges. 

1 Listings

Measures the number of accurate listings you have and how well your local Search Engine Optimization works for you.

2 Reviews

Measures and finds online reviews to establish trust and credibility.

3 Social

Measures the prospect’s fan base & leads turned into customers online

4 Search

Measures the improvement in a website’s ranking in Google and Bing.

5 Website

The Report measures and analyses desktop and mobile sites, as well as home page content.

6 Digital Ads

Measures the performance of your prospect’s business in front of targeted audiences


Go to our award-winning ONLINE SNAPSHOT TOOL. Measure how good your online presence is. FREE until the 15 August. The normal price is R887 per report plus a 1-hour virtual consultation. Terms and conditions apply.

Everything You Need For Your Local Business To Succeed

We have a solution for almost every issue may that may appear in your Snapshot Report

1 Reputation Management

We establish trust and credibility with your prospects. Make sure you use every opportunity to make them customers by displaying your 4 and 5-star ratings.

2 Consumer Experience

BlueWing keeps customers loyal and encourages them to return by creating experiences to keep your business at the top of their minds.

3 Website Development

Our developers ensure your website is not only mobile-friendly and up-to-date, but fast, secure and reliable.

4 Listings Management

Using BlueWing’s powerful listing management and local search engine optimization (SEO) tools, your clients will find your business.

5 Social Media Marketing

We can create, schedule, and post content to your social channels to keep your customers engaged and loyal.

6 Search Engine Optimization

We’ll help you get your site on the first page of Google. We have a range of SEO solutions, designed for websites of businesses of different sizes and budgets.

Show Off Your Business With Our

Virtual Tours

Websites and Google

Peter Thompson is a highly experienced 360-degree Virtual Tour Photographer, taking Virtual Tours in places such as The Kruger Park, Soweto, Gautrain, Montecasino and its Hotels, and many more.

Real Estate

Peter is a Partner of – one of the largest companies producing original Virtual Tour software for Real Estate. One of the most innovative products we have is our integrated 360 + Zoom Tour – you can talk to the client while they control the tour!

Customer success stories …

Absolutely essential for business owners who want to attract local customers. Bluewing provides effective and professional services.

Peter Flemmer

Owner, Wild Dog Strateies

A HUGE thanks to Peter Thompson for sorting Think Aspects’ posting issue on Google My Business! It is reassuring dealing with a professional like Peter.

Vanessa Bolgann

Director, Think Aspects

BlueWing is incredible. Of the 30 plus calls a day we get….28 come from Google. In these hard Covid times we have more work than we know what to do with. Thank you Peter for creating this new problem.

Stewart Elrick

Owner, BlueStorm Pools

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