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Because digital marketing has changed forever

Digital Marketing For the “New Normal”

 The Covid pandemic was not the first test of business resilience. The Ukraine crisis won’t be the last.

BlueWing has introduced MarTech, or marketing technology, to local businesses. This is because automated digital marketing backed by powerful internet data is the best way to help your business grow through changing economic conditions.

Don’t think about the recession as a negative. Take on the challenge and see this as an opportunity to gain visibility and credibility. With our internet data, products and services guiding you, you’ll quickly get ahead of your competitors who aren’t keeping up with their marketing efforts.

BlueWing helps your business grow, despite challenging times.

Promoting Independently Owned Local Businesses

We firstly analyse their online presence and then prepare a resilient marketing strategy to help them grow through often unpredictable, changes in the economic or political environment.

BlueWing promotes businesses such as swimming schools for tots, preschools,  companies using solar panels for heating pools, smoking cessation businesses, debt counselling firms, private gyms, accountants, beauty salons, private cinemas and more.

BlueWing creates marketing strategies for independently owned local businesses.

The Visibility and Credibility Of Your Business

Growing your business means that you need to future-proof it and make it resilient to change. Otherwise, you risk succumbing to unexpected economic or political events. We make it as simple and easy as possible for a customer to buy from you. Especially from a mobile phone.

BlueWing shows your prospects that you are a trustworthy and credible local business.

In digital marketing terms, you need to ask yourself these 6 questions about your online presence. BlueWing initially focuses on the first 3 questions relating to visibility and credibility.  Without these in place, you have no visibility or credibility, and it would not be worthwhile to carry on to Stages 4, 5 or 6.

1. Do people know my business exists?

We build powerful brand awareness to ensure that your customers will see your business first and choose your products/services over those of your competitors. And they will recommend your brand to friends and family.

2. Can people find my business?

Accurate listings ensure that customers
can find and contact your business. Google Business Profile also plays a major role in getting your local business found on
Google page 1.  

3. Do people trust me / Am I credible??

We display your  reviews from other customers to your prospects so that they choose you above your competitors. We also make it easier for you to collect reviews from customers

4. Are prospects converted into customers?

Nothing makes or breaks a sale like a website. You deserve a website you can be proud of.  We build and maintain websites made to convert.

5. Can people find me on Google?

Potential customers search online for the products or services that your business offers. With SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you can boost your visibility in those search results so that people find you before your competitors.

6. Can people buy from me online?

More businesses than ever before are selling products and services online. Consumers see an online store as a sign of a reputable, established business

If You Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Manage It”

Peter Drucker, Marketing Strategist


BlueWing Takes The Guesswork Out Of Preparing A Digital Strategy For You

With our award-winning Snapshot Tool we can measure 6 key points of your online presence. With this information, BlueWing creates a strategy for your business that is resilient to changes in the economic environment. And we can manage it through these difficult times.

The BlueWing Snapshot Tool Measures 6 Online Points


Measure the number of accurate listings you have.


Measures and finds online reviews to establish trust and credibility.


Measures the prospect’s fan base & leads turned into customers online


The Report measures and analyses desktop and mobile sites, as well as home page content.

Digital Ads

Measures the performance of your prospect’s business in front of targeted audiences


Measures the improvement in a website’s ranking in Google and Bing.


Free Reports Until Friday 29 July!

Normal price = R495/report

To obtain your   FREE ONLINE AUDIT – just fill in this form.
We will send your report to you within 48 hours. You can then schedule a 1/2 hr discussion with us, using the link at the bottom of the page.

Note: terms and conditions do apply – contact us for details.

Success stories from our customers …

Absolutely essential for business owners who want to attract local customers. Bluewing provides effective and professional services.

Peter Flemmer

Owner, Wild Dog Strateies

A HUGE thanks to Peter Thompson for sorting Think Aspects’ posting issue on Google My Business! It is reassuring dealing with a professional like Peter.

Vanessa Bolgann

Director, Think Aspects

BlueWing is incredible. Of the 30 plus calls a day we get….28 come from Google. In these hard Covid times we have more work than we know what to do with. Thank you Peter for creating this new problem.

Stewart Elrick

Owner, BlueStorm Pools

Some present and past clients of ours …

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