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Using 21st Century Marketing to make your business visible and credible to your customers – even in times of rapid business change

About BlueWing Local

Using automated marketing technology, BlueWing brings 21st Century Marketing into your business.

Focusing our attention on your customers, we ensure that your business is both visible and credible to them, in order to sustain your growth – even during economically challenging times.

Peter recently gave a talk at a local BNI Meeting that explains in simple terms the philosophy behind the BlueWing use of 21st Century Marketing to promote local businesses. (Video is 5:23 long).

 Questions To Ask Yourself

We have a complete range of professional products and services, which are specially adapted for use by small businesses and startups. The conventional Social Media, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn are well known, but there are at least 50 other products that you can also use to give you better, faster and smarter results. Take the next level up and go professional – we’ll even show you the results 24/7 from your own private Business Centre. And you’ll get more customers for your money!

 Before you start you need to ask yourself the following questions about your current strategy.

Do my customers know about me?

Can my customers find me?

Do my customers trust me?

Do my customers interact with me?

Do my customers remain loyal?

Different Ways of Working With You

Do It For Me

BlueWing does all the work for you and / or your clients

Do It With Me

BlueWing shares the work with you according to an agreement between us.

Do It Yourself (DIY)

You do all the work yourself – you can just rent the platform and pay for some of the products.

Start Your Own Business

Keen on starting your own digital marketing business? Contact BlueWing to find out just how easy it is to get going using our hi-tech platform.

Solutions for Growing  Your Business

Solutions starting at only R596 per month*. DIY. No contract.

Google Maps Marketing

There is no doubt anymore that Google My Business on Google Maps is the most powerful tool for bringing in customers to local businesses.

84% of Google users conduct local searches
46% of all Google searches are local queries
75% of local searches result in a store visit within 24 hours
28% of these store visits result in a purchase

Reputation Marketing

Once customers have found your business, positive reviews show prospects that they can trust you.  Bad reviews do the opposite, and all your previous efforts were wasted. Our system improves your credibility and helps correct past issues.

Social Media Marketing

Brand awareness generates awareness and demand. We cover Facebook, Google My Business, Instagram, Linked In, and Twitter. We usually combine Facebook with a least one other product – we are of the opinion that Facebook on its own has lost its effectiveness as a promoter of local businesses. 

DIY Customer Journey Marketing

 Prospects travel through a series of steps before they feel comfortable enough to make a purchase from a local business. We have a software package facilitates this final step – to buy from you – or even to learn, download, or meet you. 

360-degree Virtual Tours

Visual Media play an important role in creating brand awareness. We offer Google and website Virtual Tours, videos produced by our in-house videographer and even creative “explainer” sketch videos created by an expert in the field,According to Google companies with complete Google My Business listings are 51% more likely to increase interest for viewers. Virtual tours lead to more curiosity about your company and increase the amount of time a person engages with your brand.

What our clients say …

BlueWing literally put my business on the map – the Google Map. Super professional, they came and took a 360o view of the premises and a great street view. It was uploaded and working in no time. They are also always available for questions and issues. Thank you for a great SEO and local marketing service.

Maria Gerondoudis

Owner / Founder, Aquatic Bodyworx

Peter has assisted both my wife (Homeopath) and myself (Professional Photographer) to get our businesses up and live on Google my Business. Not only is Peter highly professional, patient and knowledgeable, he is also an absolute pleasure to work with. To get your business noticed in your local community/area, give Peter a shout and he can certainly help you get there and walk you through the whole process.

Mark Horton

Owner / Founder, Mark Horton Photography

Peter has changed my business without having to buy AdWords. If you want to ‘own’ prime spot on Google Peter is your man. BlueWing is incredible. Of the 30 plus calls a day we get….28 come from Google. In these hard Covid times we have more work than we know what to do with. Thank you Peter for creating this new problem.

Stewart Elrick

Founder / Owner, Blue Storm Pools

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